Ballroom Dance in Ed Sheeran’s Amazing new Music Video

Brittany Cherry from So You Think You Can Dance turns up the heat in Ed Sheeran’s music video. Indeed she is a well known dancer in the community but who knew Ed had the moves as well? The song is called thinking out loud and it is a full on performance by these two. Ed is a singer/songwriter known for “The A-Team” makes us feel like we are watching the tv show Dancing With the Stars. When all reality the entire performance in “Thinking Out Loud,” was choreographed by Emmy winning dancers from So You Think You Can Dance: Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo, aka “Nappytabs.”

Ed even proudly tweeted ” I’ve learned to dance” we would have to agree with that statement. After practicing for over 40 hours, I think he has learned the language of ballroom dance. Of course he also looks very fit now, he shed about 35 pounds in the process! So we can only hope more music artists follow his lead and do a little jig for us in the future. For now, we are proud of you Mr. Sheeran!

Showtime Dance

Showtime Dance


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