So You Think You Can DANCE Recap

Everyone’s favorite So You Think You Can Dance judges, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, are accompanied by actress Christina Applegate for the L.A auditions. In Philadelphia, the Prima ballerina Misty Copeland takes a seat at the judge’s table, and Billy Porter sits in on the second day of auditions.


Alla Kocherga: This 24 year-old from Los Angeles delivers a smoldering Latin ballroom performance with her partner, Serge Onik. She even suggests that Serge be her boyfriend if they make it to the next round.

Jourdan Epstein: This Minnesota’s dancer’s solo on pointe deals with the pain caused by her brother’s substance abuse issues, and how their relationship has flourished since he became sober.

Malene Ostergaard: After dealing with depression and her loss of self-confidence, she met her current partner, Armen, and rediscovered her love of dance. They are a sizzling couple and light the stage on fire. 


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