At some point in North America’s history, dancing became a “non-masculine” thing to do. Yet men in other cultures dance without hesitation. How many weddings (in America) have you gone to where women flood the dance floor and the men sit back. Women hate that. They grew up loving Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, and Step Up. I say it’s time to drop the attitude and defy the American stereotype! DANCE. I have put together a list: 5 reasons why REAL men dance.

1) Because Real men LOVE a challenge
Do you want to be that guy who can’t try anything new? Do you want to raise your children to be afraid of judgement? If you know anything about being a real man you know that you have to sometimes break the chain of expectation and do something different. Drop your inhibitions and use your body in confidence… we all know women would much rather be with a man who is confident than a man who slouches in the corner of a room.

2) Because it’s a great way to start a conversation
Men are so judgmental of their competition. Often times they glance across the room and “can’t believe she is with HIM.” Well women don’t see the line of attractiveness drawn out, we see potential, we see interesting, and we see dancers. If you want to talk to a woman what better way to do so than showing her your true colors. Hell… you don’t even have to be a good dancer! Dancing is about having fun and if you can show a woman that you know how to have fun that is all you need.

3) Because it shows you know how to lead
We all like leaders, how they can make a decision on a whim, how they can change things just because of intuition. Leaders are charismatic people who know how to handle others in all sorts of situations. Being a leader is also knowing when to lead and a man who dances does just that. When a guy can give you the space you need to shine yet step in and direct you in other moves it is THRILLING.

4) Because real world objects no longer matter on the dance floor
A real man is not identified with his car, his job or his political views. A real man is identified by the way he carries himself, the way he honors others, and the way he is not afraid. Those are qualities men don’t get to show very often while they are in the office or at a bar… but on the dance floor nothing else matters other than the way he dances.

5) Real men can make fun of themselves
A man who dances is a man who knows how to act silly and still be sexy. Take every single dance movie that has ever existed. They always break out randomly in a move that says “I know this is totally corny but I DON’T CARE.” Again, a man who doesn’t care about what others might say or think is a real man.

The stereotype of men not dancing in America is something that has festered into a real plague at social gatherings. Somehow making it “cooler” to sit in the back of the school dance with sheer terror of having to dance with a girl. No that is not COOL… that is just sad.

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