5 Major Ballroom Dance tips:

5 Major Ballroom Dance tips:

Many people ask us for advice when it comes to shoes, lets face it… we know the perfect shoe for every dancer. After being in the industry for over 20 years we have learned a thing or two when it comes to the dancers, the lifestyle, and competition check lists.

1) The dance community is a small world. If you get on one dancer’s bad side you never know who they are associated with. With that being said, be nice, be focused, and be yourself.

2) Stay positive. This road can be however long you want it to be. Want to dance for the summer? Great- make the most of it. Want to be a professional dancer? Do not let anything get in your way of that.

3) Get a good pair of practice shoes and a better pair for competition. If you are dancing with 2.5 inch heels in competition but practice with 1.5 inch heels for months… you may not adjust well on the big day. Get similar heel heights for both pairs of shoes. Visit http://www.showtimedanceshoes.com to check out what styles are right for you.

4) Reach a new level of fitness and health. Keep your energy levels up through multivitamins, high protein meals, and stay hydrated. These will not only help you perform to your body’s peak level, but it will also help you stay mentally ready and energized through every day of dancing.

5) Pain in 90% mental. When your blisters are killing you, when you think your back just can’t handle dancing anymore, remember to feel the music, feel your partner, and feel the accomplishment of being a dancer.


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