Showtime Dance Shoes… Proud to be #1



Showtime Dance Shoes started 15 years ago and has been able to keep growing with the popularity of Ballroom dance itself. They have received acclamations for many different things but the one thing that they are most proud of is the team behind the box of shoes. The customer service department is amazing on the phones and on the roads as they are constantly traveling around the nation to various competitions. Showtime Dance Shoes is a brand that lives up to its reputation and is so excited to be in the process of creating their very own dance shoe.

Check out the schedule:

Capital Dancesport Aug 21 – 25 Alexandria, VA
Windy City Open Aug 29 – Sep 1 Chicago, IL
USDC Sep 2 – 7 Orlando, FL
Cleveland Dancesport Sep 19 – 21 Cleveland, OH
First Coast Classic Oct 3 – 5

St. Augustine, FL

Harvest Moon Ball Oct 10 – 13 Chicago, IL… Where all the magic happens.


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