Is Dance a Sport?

ballroomlatin-dance-parties-58There have been so many debates about what should be considered as a sport. When it comes down to the infamous debate… I want to know, what are the criteria for a game or activity to be considered a sport? According to, the definition of a sport is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Most sports involve some sort of hand/eye coordination, exercise and a good mental attitude or motivation for what athletes are doing.

There are many reasons why dance could and should be considered a sport. I certainly know a lot of dancers who are athletic, competitive, and exhibit an extraordinary amount of skill. The precision of a dancer is just as impressive as those who are gymnasts or skaters in the Olympics.

“Dancing should be a sport because dancers have to work out and practice a lot just like you do in any other sport,” sophomore Abi Albro said. “They work on their technique and need strength for it. They sweat just as much as any other sport does.”

First, professional dancers require vigorous exercise to keep in shape. Secondly, dancers must be abnormally flexible… We all know that the more muscle you acquire, the harder it is to do a split. Yet dancers have some of the most muscular bodies with legs that bulk and abs that make us cry with envy. Dancers have to practice hard and very often, just like any other athlete in sports. Not only that but they have to memorize very difficult routines. In addition to all of these reasons why we think dancers are athletes, I have to add that dancers must maintain a healthy mental attitude and be able to keep going if they mess up in front of thousands.


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